Analytics Consulting

1Summit Consulting can help manage or implement analytics to grow, protect and optimize your business.  Using only the most advanced technology, your team can have the deepest insight available in order to make effective decisions.

Data Assessment

During your Data Assessment we will assess and explore data to look at your organization’s data policies including collection methods, privacy policies and data permissioning. The data inventory is important as many companies have many systems they collect data from. Some of the systems are Point of Sale, E-commerce, CRM, Accounting systems, estimating systems, and marketing systems. 

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Market Analysis

Success always demands a clear look at the full picture.  1Summit Consulting will conduct an independent analysis of the market with correlation of facts.  This can include time series analysis, regression analysis for both trend, seasonality of sales & expenses, and identifying independent variables compared to dependent variables of sales.    

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Financial Models

1Summit Consulting creates financial models with powerful analytics for your business.  Conveniently and easily updated by you and your approved team members, this solution provides analytical outputs including time series graphs, Z  score of budget to actual results, and forecasting.  

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Tableau Visualization

We provide interactive visualizations on Tableau for your internal or external use.  Improve important data understanding by providing complex data structures in easy-to-view graphical visualizations. 

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Product Sales Analysis

Have 1Summit Consulting conduct and in-depth trend and seasonality analysis for your company.  We also conduct forecast models (using either weighted forecast or trend analysis), and analysis of disruptive entries into the marketplace.

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Expense Analysis

Understanding expenses it vital to any business.  With an expense analysis from 1Summit Consulting you will be able to gain an in-depth understanding of time series analysis, z score for outliers, and net changes over time.  This stand alone product also includes a regression analysis of independent variables.  

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Regression Analysis

Regression analysis is a set of statistical methods used for the estimation of relationships between a dependent variable and one or more independent variables. It can be utilized to assess the strength of the relationship between variables and for modeling the future relationship between them.  It’s a great way to determine what amount of sales is explained by conditions, sales people, months, or additional conditions, and how understanding what conditions are correlated with profit.

1Summit Consulting also conducts correlation and hypothesis testing under this analysis.  

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