Business Strategy Consulting

1Summit Consulting provides companies with business strategies that are backed by powerful data, and communicated in a way that makes sense to stakeholders and leadership.  Strategies can be complex, but they should never be difficult to understand.  Each strategy we create is designed with communication in mind, and presented to you as a roadmap that can be followed to your goals.  

Business Strategy

1Summit Consulting creates data-driven business strategies for organizations that provide decision makers with the guidance they need to meet and exceed their goals.  Using advanced data, your strategy will be carefully crafted to provide an understandable roadmap, reducing unwelcome surprises along the way. 

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Strategy for Social Impact

Be profitable and make a difference!

Did you know over 50% of big investors now make decisions based on the positive impact a company will make, and over 80% of consumers will choose a product that has social impact at the forefront of their culture?  While many have the best intentions of doing good, it’s easy to cause unintentional harm where we least expect.

Talk to 1Summit Consulting today about Strategy for Social Impact to ensure your organization get’s where it’s intending to go.

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Business Modeling

Strategy doesn’t work with having a business model that makes sense.  Business models and business strategy are often mistakenly believed to be the same thing.  What’s the difference?  Think of strategy as the bridge that will successfully transition your company from their current model, to a new and improved model.

1Summit will do an analysis of your current or proposed business model and provide recommendation documentation based on state-of-the-art analytics and data.

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Strategy Audits

Not 100% confident in your business strategy?  We conduct in-depth analysis’ of existing strategy plans in order to identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas of concern, similar to a traditional SWOT analysis.  We will provide you with a final report which will include recommended updates if required.

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Strategy Oversite

1Summit Consulting provides strategy oversite to organizations who have a plan they are 100% confident in, but want an experienced strategist to oversee the implementation by their in-house teams and guide them as necessary in order to see plans rolled out efficiently, on-time, and within budget.

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